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3 reasons of “Why the role of line manager is important”

Three reasons are given to the importance of the line manager:

1. The executor of the personnel system

At the workplace, the line manager is the executor of the personnel system that has been designed by the human resource department based on business strategies.

2. Tie together the contradictory elements

There is a need to tie together the contradictory elements of: adaptation and creation + formal adjustment and social adjustment; and management and support + organization system and organization norms.

3. Separate types of management

When tying together these elements, it is necessary to have separate types of uses based on the stage.

The overview and characteristics of 6-Stage Theory of “Turning Differences into Value

※Cultures are patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, which are collectively shared with people who are within the same social environment. There are layers of cultural level like national, regional, ethnic, religious, linguistic, gender, generation and social class. In Six-Stage Theory employees whose cultural levels are different from the organization are defined as “cross-cultural employees”.

「違いを価値に変える」多国籍/異文化チーム形成・マネジメント研修 WEB労政時報 企業と人材 賃金事情 Global Manager Works